[Mesa-dev] talloc (Was: Merge criteria for glsl2 branch)

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Thu Aug 12 14:46:03 PDT 2010

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José Fonseca wrote:

> OK.
> What about this:
> For GLUT, GLEW, LLVM and all other dependencies I'll just make a SDK
> with the binaries, with debug & release, 32 & 64 bit, MinGW & MSVC
> versions. One seldom needs to modify the source anyway, and they have
> active upstream development.
> But I perceive talloc as different from all above: it's very low level
> and low weight library, providing very basic functionality, and upstream
> never showed interest for Windows portability. I'd really prefer to see
> the talloc source bundled (and only compiled on windows), as a quick way
> to have glsl2 merged without causing windows build failures. 

This seems like a reasonable compromise.  Is this something that you and
/ or Aras can tackle?  I don't have a Windows build system set up, so I
wouldn't be able to test any build system changes that I made.

> (Hopefully in the future we could have jakob Bornecrantz or Aras
> Pranckevičius re-implement a BSD-like version of it, and therefore
> eliminating all the different licensing concerns.)

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