[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 2/2] translate_sse: major rewrite (v4)

Luca Barbieri luca at luca-barbieri.com
Fri Aug 13 20:35:19 PDT 2010

Changes in v4:
- Use x86_target() and x86_target_caps()
- Enable translate_sse in x86-64, but not in Win64

Changes in v3:
- Win64 support (untested)
- Use u_cpu_detect.h constants instead of #ifs

Changes in v2:
- Minimize #ifs
- Give a name to magic number CHANNELS_0001
- Add support for CPUs without SSE (only memcpy and swizzles, like non SSE2)
- Fixed comments

translate_sse is currently very limited to the point of
being useless in essentially all cases.

In particular, it only support some float32 and unorm8
formats and doesn't work on x86-64.

This commit rewrites it to support:
1. Dumb memory copy for any pair of identical formats
2. All formats that are swizzles of each other
3. Converting 32/64-bit floats and all 8/16/32-bit integers to 32-bit float
4. Converting unorm8/snorm8 to snorm16 and uscaled8/sscaled8 to sscaled16
5. Support for x86-64 (doesn't take advantage of it in any way though)

This new translate can even be useful to translate index buffers for
cards that lack 8-bit index support.

It passes the testsuite I wrote, but note that this is a major change, and more
testing would be great.
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