[Mesa-dev] Merging translate and unnormalized-coords-hint?

Zack Rusin zackr at vmware.com
Mon Aug 16 07:40:39 PDT 2010

On Monday 16 August 2010 09:59:56 Jakob Bornecrantz wrote:
> On 16 aug 2010, at 14.29, Keith Whitwell wrote:
> > To represent all possibilities you'd need two flags, one for
> > normalized
> > and one for unnormalized, such that OpenCL could set (NORMALIZED |
> > 
> > Would that work for your needs?
> I thought that the discussion pretty much came down to add
> Looking at it we have two users of unnormalized coords GL texture rect
> and OpenCL. From what I can tell it would require a lot more then just
> a normalization hint to support OpenCL properly.

Right, in OpenCL it's a purely sampler property, so creating a texture with 
normalized or unnormalized addressing doesn't mean a lot since either way a 
sampler which is supposed to use normalized or unnormalized coords has to be 
able to sample from it. It's also worth noting that our TGSI LOAD instruction 
(part of the resources branch) fetches from [0, (texels in dimension -1)] no 
matter how the resources has been created. 


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