[Mesa-dev] Merging translate and unnormalized-coords-hint?

Keith Whitwell keithw at vmware.com
Tue Aug 17 07:53:33 PDT 2010

In terms of the unnormalized change, I think I'd like to go over it one
more time.

It looks like there are a few things happening at once:

a) The state tracker is informing the driver whether it will use
normalized texcoords, unnormalized texcoords or both for a given

b) There is a query from the state tracker to the driver to find out
which it prefers (normalized vs unnormalized) for a given texture.

These two usages seem somewhat disjoint, and the mechanism for the query
is via a new channel we haven't used for queries in the past - ie based
on the driver modifying some of the values in the create-resource

Is this a fair summary of the intentions of the change? 

On Mon, 2010-08-16 at 07:20 -0700, Luca Barbieri wrote:
> > Is this a fair summary of the intentions of the change?
> It's an excellent summary.

(Just adding it back in...)

What's wrong with addressing these needs respectively by:

a) Adding a new pipe_texture_target enum PIPE_TEXTURE_RECT to capture
the GL usage (unnormalized, clamp).  Think about CL later.

b) Adding a pipe cap to determine hardware preference for state-tracker
generated rendering (prefer TEXTURE_RECT vs TEXTURE_2D).  For API
rendering (ie non-state-tracker-generated), pass through exactly what
the API asks for.

Roland suggested an alternate mechanism for b: adding a cap for whether
the hw supports NPOT + normalized, which would also be fine for me.


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