[Mesa-dev] glsl2: problem (crash) with ir_vec_index_to_cond_assign

Aras Pranckevicius aras at unity3d.com
Fri Aug 20 01:34:26 PDT 2010

> Caveat emptor: so far I can't repro this on Linux via piglit <...>
> That is, I can only repro the crash in MSVC build of my GLSL2 fork.

FYI, I do get a segfault when running that shader via glsl_compiler on
Linux, so it looks like it's not something that's windows specific.

That is, "glsl_compiler --dump-ast --dump-hir input.frag" crashes (in
optimization phase; i.e. prints AST & non optimized IR fine) on
input.frag like this:

vec2 nonInlinedFunction (vec2 a) {
 if (a.x < 0.0)
   return -a;
 return a*2.0;
void main() {
 vec2 c = vec2(0.0);
 for (int j = 0; j < 2; ++j) {
   c += nonInlinedFunction (vec2(vec2(0.0)[j])); // <- weird, but legit
 gl_FragColor = vec4(c,0.0,0.0);

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