[Mesa-dev] [Bug 31907] [SEGFAULT] state_tracker/st_mesa_to_tgsi.c:193: return t->outputs[t->outputMapping[index]];

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Thu Dec 16 13:15:22 PST 2010


--- Comment #7 from Sven Arvidsson <sa at whiz.se> 2010-12-16 13:15:22 PST ---
With git from today (290a114) I can't reproduce the crash if the game is
launched by gdb, only by attaching after it's started.

I also had to move up three frames in the stack to be able to call
_mesa_print_program(program) (but maybe that's self-explanatory?).


# Fragment Program/Shader 0
  0: MAD_SAT TEMP[1].x, INPUT[3].xxxx, STATE[0].xxxx, STATE[0].yyyy;
  1: LRP OUTPUT[2].xyz, TEMP[1].xxxx, TEMP[0], STATE[1];
  2: MOV OUTPUT[2].w, TEMP[0];
  3: END

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