[Mesa-dev] [Mesa3d-dev] ARB draw buffers + texenv program

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 16:50:44 PST 2010

> I think this is subtle enough that it needs some documentation.

I was just initially checking the property idea was okay for everyone,


contains 4 patches, gallium, softpipe, mesa/st, r300g, which adds the property
support using a COLOR0_WRITES_ALL_CBUFS.

the gallium patch adds documentation for this interface.


> I trawled the revived thread to figure out the detail of what's here
> (having forgotten all about it), and it looks fine but I think this
> really needs a couple of good paragraphs in the documentation and a
> from-first-principles description in the patch.
> Also, WRITE_ALL is a bit ambiguous -- could it be something like
> Keith

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