[Mesa-dev] Merging mesa-2d-registers

Zack Rusin zackr at vmware.com
Tue Jul 13 18:47:00 PDT 2010

On Tuesday 13 July 2010 12:08:15 Brian Paul wrote:
> Looks great, Zack!
> Just minor things:
> A bunch of the shader setup code in bezier.c could probably be
> replaced by calls to shaderutil.c functions.

Ah, yea, I'll just add something there to be able to link with geometry 
> In struct prog_src_register, a few more comments about the new "2D"
> fields might be good (what's it for?).  

Done :) 

> We could also use this new index for implementing multiple constant buffers. 

Yea, definitely. Plus some hardware seems to prefer when shaders actually 
declare when temporaries are indexable. In gallium we have the TEMPX register 
for that, now we could also add support for that (it's the same syntax as 
multiple const buffers so TEMPX[which array][index])

> Perhaps just "2" instead of "2D" would be a better name?

Sounds good to me. I've just changed it. 

I'll go ahead and merge it now.


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