[Mesa-dev] r600g plans

Jerome Glisse glisse at freedesktop.org
Fri Jul 23 15:49:25 PDT 2010

Just heads up on r600g plan, i removed the compiler stuff it was getting messy
and kind of stopped anyone else from working on other part of r600g. So now there
is a very simple & dumb tgsi -> r600 assembler that does work and can run glxgears
and couple others non textured demos. I want to freeze r600_asm* stuff as i plan
to reuse at latter point with a proper optimizer (thought there is a couple of
thing missing in it like splitting alu node when reaching the 256dwords limit).
So now if you want to add opcode the only file you need to touch is r600_shader.c.
Also i would like to avoid any kind of work on optimizing what it spit.

I am going to add texture support over the next few days (target being tri-tex,
multiarb, tunnel, tunnel2 at that point i think quake engine should run).

Todo list (kind of sorted):
- texture support
- use const buffer rather than cfile
- avoid recompiling the shader at each draw command (would improve speed a
- stencil support
- support more states (blending, alpha, rasterization, ...)
- geometry shader
- tiling support
- color mask support
- hyperz
- a proper compiler

Feel free to pick something and have fun.


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