[Mesa-dev] [Bug 31800] [r300g] src/mesa/state_tracker/st_mesa_to_tgsi.c:228:src_register: Assertion `index >= 0' failed.

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Tue Nov 23 20:14:40 PST 2010


--- Comment #3 from Vinson Lee <vlee at vmware.com> 2010-11-23 20:14:40 PST ---
I tested check-registers.patch (id=40524).

glsl-fs-uniform-array-6 now checks for GL_MAX_FRAGMENT_UNIFORM_COMPONENTS. I
removed that check when testing the patch.

The test no longer crashes and now gracefully fails.

$ ./bin/shader_runner tests/shaders/glsl-fs-uniform-array-6.shader_test -auto
radeon: Successfully grabbed chipset info from kernel!
radeon: DRM version: 2.5.0 ID: 0x71c5 GB: 1 Z: 2
radeon: GART size: 509 MB VRAM size: 128 MB
radeon: HyperZ: NO
Failed to link:
Register CONST[1026] exceeds implementation limits.

PIGLIT: {'result': 'fail' }

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