[Mesa-dev] shader stencil export v(x+1)

Roland Scheidegger sroland at vmware.com
Thu Oct 7 05:48:35 PDT 2010

Haven't really looked closely at it, but the new formats look good to me
A bit inconsistent though that you added the X32_S8X24_USCALED format
but not the corresponding Z32_X8X24_FLOAT format, but that's not really
a deal breaker I guess.
Also I'd like to see the docs mention somewhere it's illegal to use the
formats which both have stencil and depth components in shader views and
you need to use the corresponding formats which only have one or the
other (though I guess some code doesn't follow this yet?).


On 07.10.2010 08:42, Dave Airlie wrote:
> Okay I've pushed another iteration of the gallium + mesa + softpipe +
> r600g changes for accelerated stencil rendering to
> http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~airlied/mesa/log/?h=gallium-stencil-export
> Quick patch summary by area: I've marked two mesa ones as needing some
> competent review.
> Gallium:
> add TGSI stencil semantic + capability
> add support for S8X24_USCALED, X24S8_USCALED,
> add sampler support for S8,
> and format support only for X32_S8X24_USCALED
> mesa:
> improve the texstore handlers for S8Z24 and Z24S8 (!!!!please review!!!!)
> add a texstore handler for S8 (!!!!! please review !!!!!)
> softpipe:
> add support for using shader stencil references
> mesa/st:
> add an option to allow a texture format to be picked we can't render to (for S8)
> use the shader stencil support to accel the drawpixels path
> r600g:
> add support for S8X24/X24S8, and S8
> add support for writing stencil shader.
> mesa: (need to write tests)(but I'd like to push without these if
> possible and get back to them later).
> add support for the GL extension to GLSL/mesa (!!!!! need GLSL review !!!!!)
> Dave.
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