[Mesa-dev] Anonymous unions (Was: [Bug 30789] mesa git fails to build)

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Oct 12 07:31:42 PDT 2010

José Fonseca wrote:
> What you guys feel about anonymous unions?
> I happened to committed some code with anonymous unions, but it caused
> gcc to choke when -std=c99 option is specified, which is only specified
> with automake but scons.
> After some search, it looks like anonymous unions are not part of C99,
> but are part of C++ and will reportedly be part of C1X [1]. I think all
> major compilers support it.

I don't think the Sun compilers support it, for the few of us who build
with those, but Mesa is generally unbuildable on Solaris anyway when I'm
too busy elsewhere to keep up with repairing it.  (I know git master has
been broken for a few months, but haven't gotten around to fixing, sorry.)

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