[Mesa-dev] Anonymous unions (Was: [Bug 30789] mesa git fails to build)

tom fogal tfogal at sci.utah.edu
Tue Oct 12 09:47:49 PDT 2010

José Fonseca <jfonseca at vmware.com> writes:
> What you guys feel about anonymous unions?
> I happened to committed some code with anonymous unions, but it
> caused gcc to choke when -std=c99 option is specified, which is only
> specified with automake but scons.
> After some search, it looks like anonymous unions are not part of
> C99, but are part of C++ and will reportedly be part of C1X [1]. I
> think all major compilers support it.

I'd vote against it.  I remember hitting an issue porting some of my
own code that used anonymous unions.  Further, a downstream app I work
on needs to support AIX's native build environment; I haven't checked,
but that toolchain always gives me grief && so I doubt it supports
anonymous unions.


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