[Mesa-dev] Mesa (master): mesa: Validate assembly shaders when GLSL shaders are used

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Tue Oct 12 18:49:45 PDT 2010

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Brian Paul wrote:
>> -
>> +#include<stdbool.h>
> Ian, could we stick with GLboolean/GL_TRUE/GL_FALSE in core Mesa to be
> consistent?  It wouldn't surprise me if stdbool.h isn't present on one
> platform or another.

If possible, I'd prefer not.  All of the GL types are ugly anachronisms
from the early 90's when there were no standard, cross-platform sized
types.  We've had those types for over a decade, and not using them
makes the code more obtuse.  To be perfectly honest, I'd love to see
them removed from OpenGL altogether.

We already have stdbool.h in the Mesa tree for platforms that lack it.

Moreover, we're using bool/true/false in all of the C++ code.  Even as a
long time OpenGL programmer I find bool/true/false infinitely more
natural than GLboolean/GL_TRUE/GL_FALSE.

Either way, we should resolve this soon.  All of the EXT_sso work I've
been doing using stdbool.h, so I'd like to know if I need to go back and
change all of that.
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