[Mesa-dev] Proposal for a long-term shader compiler (and IR) architecture

John Kessenich johnk at lunarg.com
Fri Oct 15 16:44:54 PDT 2010


LunarG has decided to work on an open source, long-term, highly-functional,
and modular shader and kernel compiler stack. Attached is our high-level
proposal for this compiler architecture (LunarGLASS).  We would like to
solicit feedback from the open source community on doing this.

I have read several posts here where it seems the time has come for
something like this, and in that spirit, I hope this is consistent with the
desire and direction many contributors to this list have already alluded to.

Perhaps the biggest point of the proposal is to standardize on LLVM as an
intermediate representation.  This is actually done at two levels within the
proposal; one at a high-level IR close to the source language and one at a
low-level IR close to the target architecture.  The full picture is in the
attached document.

Based on feedback to this proposal, our next step is to more precisely
define the two forms of LLVM IR.

Please let me know if you have any trouble reading the attached, or any
questions, or any feedback regarding the proposal.

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