[Mesa-dev] [Bug 30918] new Mesa update breaks 3D on Ubuntu 10.10

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Sun Oct 17 07:56:03 PDT 2010


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> Could you be more specific about what is wrong with your system?

The "close minimize maximize" bar is missing on all windows.  After manually
switching to some other drivers the bar returned but compiz still can not be

Compiz can not be started.  If i try, it will say it's looking for drivers. 
After few mode switches into the driver that makes the windows bar disappear,
it will say Desktop Effects can not be enabled.

3D graphics such as screen savers and the 3D glxgears test from
Systems->Administration->System Testings would start, but the whole system
hangs up after 30 seconds (for any 3D graphics).

So i have to run my machine without top window bar, without compiz and without

If i shut down glxgears before the systems hangs up, the in system report, this
is what is said about my compiz abilities.

Compiz_check    PASSED    
Gathering information about your system... 
Distribution: Ubuntu 10.10 
Desktop environment: GNOME 
Graphics chip: ATI Technologies Inc RV370 5B60 [Radeon X300 (PCIE)] 
Driver in use: radeon Rendering method: AIGLX  (i switched to this to get my
windows bar back)
Checking if it's possible to run Compiz on your system... 
Checking for texture_from_pixmap... [ OK ] 
Checking for non power of two support... [ OK ] 
Checking for composite extension... [ OK ] 
Checking for FBConfig... [ OK ] 
Checking for hardware/setup problems... [ OK ]

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