[Mesa-dev] XvMC and VDPAU on radeon hardware

Christian König deathsimple at vodafone.de
Fri Oct 22 09:39:01 PDT 2010

Hi, Younes,

my target is the R600 chipset not the R300 series, so the first step was
merging the pipe-video branche with master and getting r600g to work.

After this was done, I added a video context creation function to r600g
as you suggested. Least I fixed some uninitialized memory bugs in your
XvMC implementation (you should run valgrind more often).

And now I simply have to say that I'm deeply impressed by the cool
design of your XvMC driver and Galium3D in general. It simply works

Ok, I still have a bunch of problems, there seems to be some more
uninitialised memory issues (it only starts cleanly approx 3 of 4
times), and some decoding artefacts are hard to track down.

Do you know a simple XvMC client that I could use for testing? I'm
currently using mplayer, but that's not very well usable when you want
to debug each frame step by step.

I also need more testvideos, currently using a bunch of DVDs and
trailers, but I need some simple reference videos (bouncing balls,
rotating lines and stuff like that) with only a few macroblocks to
decode for each frame.

I cc'ed the mailing list and andrew just in case somebody else knows a
god source for testvideos or client apps.

I have some more questions about the source, but will mail you about
that later.


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