Zack Rusin zackr at vmware.com
Mon Sep 6 15:10:27 PDT 2010

On Monday 06 September 2010 11:19:40 Luca Barbieri wrote:
> > I'm not a fan of this patch. Technically the token is from a different
> > extension, one which we never supported. We use our own representation of
> > a geometry program, did you double check whether what we have is at all
> > compatible with the NV extension?
> I think this will not be visible from outside Mesa, so it shouldn't
> cause problems.
> If not, then it must be fixed anyway.

Changing one random identifier to another is not an improvement. Especially if 
the latter version is in fact a lie.

> If geometry assembly programs are ever implemented, then the nVidia
> extension is the obvious choice, so why not use the token right now?

I was never planning to do that. In fact tbh I don't even remember what the NV 
extension does. We're using our custom representation of geometry programs, 
hence why we're using our own identifier.


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