[Mesa-dev] r300 presubtract v2

Tom Stellard tstellar at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 22:23:13 PDT 2010


I have just pushed a branching adding support for presubtract sources to
my personal repo.  The branch contains peephole optimizations for all the
presubtract operations except for 1 - 2 * src0.  I've tested this branch
on an RV370 and an RV515 and both match the piglit results from master.

The branch name is presub-rebase-v2 and you can check it out from here:

The changes in the branch touch almost every part of the compiler, so
I'll wait a few days to push this to give people a chance to comment.
I haven't done a lot of performance testing on this branch yet, so I'm
not sure what the performance impact will be.  I'm hoping at the very
least this will help fix some of the "too many instructions" bugs.


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