[Mesa-dev] Mesa (shader-work): glsl: introduce ir_binop_all_equal and ir_binop_any_equal, allow vector cmps

Luca Barbieri luca at luca-barbieri.com
Wed Sep 8 11:40:24 PDT 2010

> If you're working on a driver for a scalar chip, you might want to pull
> brw_fs_channel_expressions and brw_fs_vector_splitting up and get them
> used -- it should make sensible codegen a lot easier for them.

Current drivers for scalar hardware take Mesa IR/TGSI input and not GLSL IR.

Using GLSL IR might be interesting, but how do you plan to support
assembly programs?
Will a converter from Mesa IR to GLSL IR be used for that?

Having two hardware backends, one for GLSL IR, and one for Mesa
IR/TGSI doesn't seem to be a feasible long-term solution, and dropping
assembly program support also isn't (e.g. Doom 3 will stop working).

Also, would converting GLSL IR to LLVM and writing an hardware LLVM
backend be a better idea?
That gives an instruction matcher, scalarizer and register allocator
for free, plus optionally middle-end optimizations.

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