[Mesa-dev] Removing ARB_imaging subset extensions

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Mon Sep 20 07:14:09 PDT 2010

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Eric Anholt wrote:
> On our way to OpenGL 3.0, it would be nice to clean out some of the
> optional deprecated features that Mesa supports.  The ARB_imaging subset
> is the highest on my list -- it significantly clutters up the pixel
> path, and has always been optional even though the specification text
> got rolled into OpenGL 1.2.  ATI's proprietary driver never supported
> the imaging subset, and what I've read of NVIDIA's implementation
> online, its presence is a user trap.  Keeping an implementation of it is
> not helping our users from a performance or portability perspective.
> I've pushed a branch to my repo removing most of SGI_color_matrix,
> SGI_color_table, EXT_histogram, and EXT_convolution.  Here's the
> diffstat:


> That's 2.7% of mesa/main/, and driver size dropped correspondingly.
> Note that we don't get to completely drop histogram.c and convolve.c, as
> we're supposed to have the entrypoints and just emit INVALID_OPERATION
> for the missing extensions even if the ARB_imaging subset isn't present.
> If we don't have any strong justification for keeping this code, I'd
> like to merge this to master.

I will probably push a similar branch this week that removes other
extensions discussed at XDS.  See "kill it with fire" at the bottom of
http://www.x.org/wiki/Events/XDS2010/Program.  It looks like the biggest
savings will come from removing GL_EXT_paletted_texture and

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