[Mesa-dev] [Bug 29789] TALLOC_CFLAGS not used properly

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Mon Sep 20 10:44:03 PDT 2010


--- Comment #5 from David Ronis <David.Ronis at McGill.CA> 2010-09-20 10:44:03 PDT ---
I too build with autogen.sh (with "--enable-gallium-nouveau
--enable-gallium-radeon)  and then  make.  The problem isn't that TALLOC_CFLAGS
is incorrect, rather it doesn't seem to be used in the Makefile's CFLAGS.    I
"fixed" the problem by making a symlink to talloc.h in /usr/local/include which
is part of the default search path.  My bet is that the reason you don't see
the problem is that your talloc installation is to /usr or /usr/local, and the
includes end up in the default places.  My installation puts them into

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