[Mesa-dev] sprite-coord branch

Brian Paul brianp at vmware.com
Mon Sep 20 14:45:47 PDT 2010

The sprite-coord branch clarifies the behaviour of Gallium's 
pipe_rasterizer_state::sprite_coord_enable state.

It's pretty simple.  If bit 'k' of 
pipe_rasterizer_state::sprite_coord_enable is set, and we're drawing a 
sprite, and if the fragment shader uses an input labeled GENERIC[k], 
then that input needs an auto-generated texcoord.

There's no change to the gallium interface (only clarified docs).  A 
number of fixes went into the state tracker, draw module and 
softpipe/llvmpipe drivers.  I think the other hardware drivers will 
need updates.  My untested stab at a fix for r600 is attached.

I'll merge this to mesa/master tomorrow if there's no concerns.


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