[Mesa-dev] Mesa (d3d1x): d3d1x: add new Direct3D 10/11 COM state tracker for Gallium

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 21 19:37:52 PDT 2010

  I just read a comment that you made in the Mesa mailing list and am 
seriously concerned about it:

It only attempts to prevent reverse engineering, disassembly and decompilation, and does not grant
you distribution rights under copyright law in the case that you distribute Microsoft code to run
on non-Windows platform or license it under a copyleft license.

Please keep in mind that Microsoft has been 'tightening' their EULA agreements.  Before you go out
and do something like what you expressed here:

"I just looked at the d3d11TokenizedProgramFormat.h header because the documentation on MSDN says
that the shader bytecode format is documented in that file"

bear that Microsoft does track what is being done with their code. If you step over the line, they
will 'nail' you.  They give absolutely NO warning. One user decided to work with WMP 10 to get it
to work under RedHat.  He was given a court order to 'cease and desist' all work in this manner.

This is why the Wine project and its predecessors Project Odinn and the WineOS/2 project have always
kept a hands off and no peaking 'under the hood' policy.  No FOSS project wants a visit from any Justice
Department, any Copyright office and lastly no visit from the Thugs Who Work for Microsoft.

Again, if you feel that what you did is justified, then you are so.  Also, keep in mind that your code
can be blocked in countries that strictly enforce the Microsoft EULAs (the United States is one of them.)

Very respectfully,

James McKenzie
I'm not a lawyer, and I don't play one on TV.  However, I have been around for the US versus IBM and US versus Microsoft cases
The US Government lost both of them.

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