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ne guys have, and work through that list resolving each issue in turn - eit=
her by modifying the code or demonstrating that the concern is unfounded.  =
If neither of these is possible, then we need to make a call one way or ano=

Looking back at the emails what I have so far is concern about the file "tp=
f.h".   I'd like to understand whether people actually think that this has =
been created improperly, or rather that people believe that it is actually =
legal but does not meet wine's standards and that those standards should al=
so now apply to mesa.

IE. are we:
 (a) being alterted to improperly authored code, or
 (b) being asked to impose new restrictions on our project to fit in with t=
he choices of another one?

These are two quite different conversations, and I'd like to understand whi=
ch one we're having.


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Either WINE developers or Luca will feel alienated. So, I think the discuss=
ion should be *now*, before taking further decision.

Personally, I still don't understand what's special about this code. If no =
Microsoft code was ever copied or used in d3d1x then I don't see how WINE d=
evelopers are tainted by the d3d1x state tracker presence than by the other=
 stuff in master now.

As I said before, we all read third party NDA hardware specs and reference =
code in the past. It is standard practice. Several other members of the com=
munity had to reverse engineer hardware operation. I think it would be dish=
onest to allows ourselves this much so far, and refuse Luca's code because =
he read publicly available Microsoft docs or reference code.

My understanding is that this is more than about legality of this code: Mic=
rosoft can sue whoever they want, with or without legal basis, and WINE dev=
elopers want to publicly show beyond doubt that they we're not near even mi=
les from Microsoft code, to deter Microsoft to sue them, and so incur in le=
gal expenses.

But I don't see how we can accommodate that, and continue to maintain that =
Gallium is about the abstraction of many graphic APIs and many OSes. Even M=
esa was always about many OSes too.

Personally, I'd like to encourage initiatives of supporting more APIs and m=
ore OSes to Mesa/Gallium such as this one.

And to be honest, WINE developers did a disservice to themselves by openly =
stating their concerns. They put themselves between the rock and the wall w=
ith that. For future reference, if people have this sort of doubts, they sh=
ould contact the project maintainers (e.g Brian, Keith) privately.


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Can I revert this merge out of master? The Wine developers that
contribute to Mesa are feeling very alienated by this code, and I
think that it could stand to have some more discussion, especially
about its legality.

~ C.

When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir? ~ Keynes

Corbin Simpson
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