[Mesa-dev] Making makedepend an hard dependency?

Marek Olšák maraeo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 03:42:24 PDT 2010

I think this is a good idea. It might reduce the number of bugs fixed by git
clean -fdx + rebuild. However we have discussed this before and there were
some objections.


On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 11:55 AM, Luca Barbieri <luca at luca-barbieri.com>wrote:

> Currently makedepend is used by the Mesa Makefile-based build system,
> but not required.
> Unfortunately, not having it makes dependency resolution non-existent,
> which is a source of subtle bugs, and is a rarely tested
> configuration, since all Mesa developers likely have it installed.
> Furthermore some idioms require dependency resolution to work at all,
> such as making generated files depend on headers.
> How about failing configure if it's absent?
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