[Mesa-dev] Old toys [DRI1 drivers] .....

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Sun Sep 26 11:34:20 PDT 2010

randrianasulu at gmail.com wrote:
> Can freedesktop/X.org organise something like Google summer (winter?) of Code, 
> with some tasks, need for moving those drivers forward? Good documentation 
> about _today_ mesa's internals and interfaces  hopefully will speed up 
> process?

X.Org has a "Endless Vacation of Code" program which allows students to submit
proposals at any time of year for work on the X stack (which we generally
include Mesa & DRI in) - so if there's a student who wants to work on this, they
just need to write up a proposal and submit it as described at:

This is *not* a general code bounties program for any developer who wants to
earn extra cash, but like Google's program, specifically for students to learn
about real-world code while contributing to open source instead of having to
look elsewhere for a job between semesters or even during the school year.
We're a lot more flexible than Google simply because we generally deal with one
or two students at a time, not 5,000.

As for documentation, that was part of Matt Turner's Google Summer of Code
project this year for adding KMS support to glint, so hopefully we'll have
that soon.

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