[Mesa-dev] Status of VDPAU and XvMC state-trackers (was Re: Build error on current xvmc-r600 pip

Bryan Cain bryancain3 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 19:17:23 PDT 2011

[Sending this message to the list since I accidentally sent it to the list
earlier from a non-subscribed address.]

2011/4/26 Christian König <deathsimple at vodafone.de>

> Am Dienstag, den 26.04.2011, 17:53 +0000 schrieb younes.m at gmail.com:
> > Hi Christian,
> >
> > Thanks for spending so much time on continuing this. I haven't really
> > touched it since you started, but someone else had some patches for
> > basic NV50 support. I don't recall who but I hope they can comment and
> > are interested in getting their changes merged. Also, your
> > implementation of interlaced MC breaks older chips that lack shader
> > control flow if I'm not mistaken, but that can probably be fixed
> > without much trouble.. Finally, someone else (Jimmy Rentz) had some
> > patches that implemented hardware decoding on NV40 chips, but they
> > were never merged into nouveau DRM and the pipe-video patches won't
> > apply anymore anyhow. Those changes required a bit of work in
> > pipe-video to support planar surfaces, but it worked quite well with
> > the old vl_compositor. Recently Ben Skeggs added HW decoder bits to
> > nouveau's DRM so if anyone is motivated enough to rework the userspace
> > side it will require proper planar surface support in pipe-video.
> > (This is just an FYI for anyone who is paying attention to
> > pipe-video.)
> >
> > Cheers.
> If I remember correctly Bryan Cain was working on getting this to work
> again on NV50, he had MC working, but was struggling with the iDCT code.
> I also stumbled over the issue of planar texture resources, and solved
> it by implementing an abstraction class that uses up to three separate
> textures to emulate the behaviour of an YV12 or NV12 texture. If a
> hardware driver has native support for planar buffers it should be easy
> to override the creation function and use a native buffer instead.
> So things like: native idct -> shader base mc or shader based idct ->
> native mc should now be easily possible. But there is still allot of
> work todo.
> Regards,
> Christian.
Yes, I got MC working on nv50 but couldn't get the iDCT to work properly.  I
still need to send in the patches for what I did accomplish.  Should I send
them to the mesa-dev mailing list and just label them as being for the
pipe-video branch?

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