[Mesa-dev] llvmpipe vs fbo-alphatest-formats

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 08:30:16 PST 2011

>> Okay this fixes it here, and even seems reasonable to me.
> Yes. Great catch Dave.
> This should also fix to L8 rendering.  But I belive that in the commit message, you mean "i8" and not "l8".
> Please add a comment about why order matters in the inv_swizzle() function, for future reference.

Yup this fixed a few tests, and showed up a blending problem that you
guessed at least for I8,

The fbo-blending-formats test now only fails on I8 with DST_ALPHA, I'm
guessing what happens is we have an I8 dst, but we never flush the
tiles, so we end up using the alpha from the tile as the dst alpha
value instead of the red value.


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