[Mesa-dev] [lunarglass-devel] Availability of LunarGLASS exploration: using LLVM in Mesa's compiler stack

Jens Owen jens at lunarg.com
Thu Feb 3 14:34:44 PST 2011

Kenneth Graunke wrote:
> Hi John,
> I hate to rain on the parade, but if LunarGLASS is to be useful to Mesa, it 
> will have to be relicensed.
> As I understand it, incorporating GPLv2 code into Mesa would make libGL 
> licensed under GPLv2.  Then, linking any proprietary game with Mesa's libGL 
> would violate the GPL.  Even open source applications with non-GPLv2 
> compatible licenses (say, GPLv3) could not legally link to it.
> This would be a disaster - it would make the Free graphics stack entirely 
> useless.  Please consider either LGPLv2 or the MIT license - neither suffer 
> from this problem.
> --Kenneth


As highlighted in our Licensing FAQ ( http://www.lunarglass.org/faq ) the licensing terms applicable to LunarGLASS affect only certain portions of Mesa.  The diagram in the LunarGLASS FAQ illustrates those portions:



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