[Mesa-dev] glXMakeCurrent crashes (was: Re: How to obtain OpenGL implementation/driver information?)

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 19:02:21 PST 2011

>> We're doing driver blacklists on all platforms, and it tends to be quite easy
>> on other platforms. For example, on Windows, we just read all the driver
>> information from the registry. Couldn't X drivers likewise have some metadata
>> stored on disk, that could be queried via some new API? I proposed GLX because
>> glXQueryServerString already knows about at least the driver vendor. But I
>> don't mind having it exposed elsewhere than in GLX if that makes more sense :)
>> Please take this request seriously: driver blacklists are useful, not limited
>> to Firefox, and certainly not limited to X11. As I say, we blacklist drivers
>> on all platforms, and we'd never have been able to make Firefox 4 releasable
>> without blacklisting many Windows drivers. Zhenyao Mo, in CC, is working on
>> similar features in Chromium.

What you are saying though is that glxinfo would crash on these platforms if you
can't create a context, if someone is shipping a distro where glxinfo
crashes, then I
can hardly see how you guys can take the blame.

Maybe in the firefox shell wrapper you can run glxinfo async in the
background, see if it crashes
and tell the main firefox process to not bother.

Otherwise my guess is you are doing slightly more in your glx setup
than glxinfo and *that* is crashing.


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