[Mesa-dev] Please mark _glapi_proc in xserver/glx/glapi.c as PUBLIC

Peter Hjalmarsson xake at rymdraket.net
Thu Feb 10 13:46:36 PST 2011


_glapi_proc was marked as PUBLIC in the following commit in the mesa
tree [1], however that was never mirrored in the api for aiglx in the
xserver tree.
If you have linked Gallium3D drivers with -z,now (as for example
Hardened Gentoo does) or try to run X with LD_BIND_NOW=1 you will get an
error message in Xorg.log about how AIGLX could not be initiated due to
missing symbols in the chosen gallium dri driver.
I do not know if this just an issue nobody has hit since few uses AIGLX,
or if this in "normal" use-cases is not a problem. 

So could you please mark the symbol as PUBLIC in xserver/glx/glapi.c, or
give an explanation on why that may not be a good idea and if there is
another possibility to have AIGLX on Gallium3D-drivers built with -z,now
I do not know if there are more symbols that needs to be marked public,
but _glapi_proc is enough in our use-case to get the driver at least
loaded (which should not be possible if there are other symbols failing
to be resolved).


Peter Hjalmarsson

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