[Mesa-dev] How to disable GPU acceleration?

kumar vemuri kumar210in at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 06:02:09 PST 2011

One more question Dave. Can a 3D APP/Game refuse to run if hw
acceleration is not available? I understand that without hw acceleration
they will be extremely slow and unplayable but i want to know if its
possible to run (all) 3D apps with s/w renderer. 

Btw thanks for pointing out that i am looking at an old version of
xserver. I am moving to the latest one.


On Mon, 2011-02-21 at 13:01 +1000, Dave Airlie wrote:
> >
> > a. When you say "The X server libGLcore doesn't exist anymore, it now loads
> > hw drivers like the client side. So what you want isn't what you think you
> > want.".
> > Does the Xserver connect to hw driver through "device_dri.so" like the
> > client side libGL does? Or is there a different interface?
> Yes it load the _dri.so files.
> >
> > b. The Mesa src is included in the xserver source @extras/Mesa/src/mesa. How
> > is this source being used by xserver? I was guessing that this would be for
> > the libGLCore of Xserver.
> Not sure where you are getting your X server source code from but I'd
> recommend moving to a newer place.
> You are either looking at XFree86 or X.org 6.9 neither of which have
> been worked on in > 5 years.
> Dave.

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