[Mesa-dev] Uploading PIPE_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM to pixmap texture in PIPE_FORMAT_B8G8R8X8_UNORM

Fredrik Höglund fredrik at kde.org
Thu Jan 6 23:57:11 PST 2011

On Thursday 16 December 2010, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> The bigger issue here is that no blit should be necessary in the first
> place. According to Dave on IRC he implemented this using sampler views
> at some point, I guess that was probably broken during some EGL rework.

Actually this is a regression from the changes to st_finalize_texture
in cae2bb76.

The attached patch fixes the issue for me, and the piglit test still passes.
I don't know if it's correct in all cases though.

If the patch looks good to you I'd like to see it in the 7.10 release.


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