[Mesa-dev] drm_kms_helper refuses to load because of drm.edid_strict option

Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Mon Jan 10 06:36:44 PST 2011

On Mon, 2011-01-10 at 11:30 +0100, Elmar Stellnberger wrote: 
> Having applied the patch by Alex Deucher to make graphics mode
> initialization work I do now have a problem in loading the
> drm_kms_helper as required by the radeon module (also required: ttm
> module):
> drm: Unknown parameter: `edid_strict`
> It needs to be set to 0 to make graphics mode initialization work
> * Why is the kernel command line parameter drm.edid_strict passed to
> the drm_kms_helper module [...]

It isn't, as you can see above, it's being passed to the 'drm' module.
Apparently the system installed version of this module doesn't know
about this parameter. Either fix that or the modprobe configuration.

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