[Mesa-dev] Speed regression(?) in Vega state tracker

Krzysztof Smiechowicz deadwood at wp.pl
Sat Jan 22 01:31:46 PST 2011


I'm the maintainer of Mesa port for AROS (www.aros.org). I recently 
backported Mesa 7.10 and noticed a considerable speed regression. After 
some testing I narrowed the problem down to commit: 
859106f196ade77f59f8787b071739901cd1a843, st/vega: Fix pipe blend state 
for various blend modes.

My test case is lion demo:

softpipe, debug, without commit: ~7 FPS
softpipe, debug, with commit: ~0.13 FPS
nouveau, release, without commit: ~150 FPS
nouveau, release with commit: ~9FPS

Best regards,

PS. I'm not filling a bug report, since AROS port is not official and 
the problem still might be down to something wrong with the port itself.

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