[Mesa-dev] [Bug 32666] etqw triggers an assert in st_texture.c

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Mon Jan 31 14:41:01 PST 2011


Álmos <aaalmosss at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Álmos <aaalmosss at gmail.com> 2011-01-31 14:41:00 PST ---
Since 1dd8e2757852682af44b63193c89dff3c09c7703 it asserts at a different
position: at line 144 in st_gl_texture_dims_to_pipe_dims() in the
GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP branch of the switch conditional. Removing that assert
(which seems pointless to me, because depthIn is not actually used in that
case) restores the old behavior.

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