[Mesa-dev] Flex and bison generated files in revision control

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Mon Jan 31 15:46:22 PST 2011

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Tracking files generated by flex and bison puts an undue burden on
people doing work on the various parers and lexers in Mesa.

Tracking files generated by flex and bison generates extraneous noise in
commit logs.

Tracking files generated by flex and bison makes cherry-picking fixes
from the development branch back to stable branches more difficult than
it needs to be.

Tracking files generated by flex and bison is a just plain bad idea.

Flex and bison have working ports for every platform on which we support
building Mesa.  It even works when building projects from within Visual
Studio (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa730877%28vs.80%29.aspx).

I have just pused a branch called flex-and-bison-required that removes
these files.  What still needs to be done in that branch:

  - Generate the files that have been removed during tarball creation.

  - Checks for flex and bison in configure.ac.

  - Fixes for your platform.  If this branch does not work
out-of-the-box on your platform, push fixes.

On March 1st (or sooner with consensus) this branch will be merged to
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