[Mesa-dev] [Bug 38906] Mesa compilation failure if libudev development files are not installed.

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Sat Jul 2 05:21:39 PDT 2011


--- Comment #3 from Thomas Hellström <thellstrom at vmware.com> 2011-07-02 05:21:40 PDT ---
The second build was configured using
--with-egl-platforms=drm and --disable-gdm.

Could you describe a bit more in detail why we can't build the drm platform
without gdm? What exactly are gdm strictly needed for?

I was under the impression that gdm was only strictly required for certain EGL
extensions or Wayland?

In general, when it comes to EGL I think it's very important that we maintain
the possibility of a very lean build, so that embedded platforms that will
never use a certain feature can skip it from the build.

Why, should we, for example, need to install libudev development files for
embedded systems that don't use udev?

I suggest keeping the gdm parts of the egl drm data structures conditioned on
gdm being enabled.


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