[Mesa-dev] rgtc signed format and u_format: some open questions

Jose Fonseca jfonseca at vmware.com
Thu Mar 3 14:17:07 PST 2011

About a), one day we should have this in a library shared by mesa/gallium, but until then anywhere is fine by me.

About b) please provide unorm8 support for all formats. It's useful for debugging/displaying, e.g., writing to BMP files, or visualizing on a window. There is already a helper function called util_format_fits_rgba8unorm (or something like that) to determine whether a format can be faithfully represented in unorm8 or not.


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Subject: [Mesa-dev] rgtc signed format and u_format: some open questions

Hi guys,

Two open questions with the RGTC support in gallium:

a) I'd like to share texcompress_rgtc_tmp.h between gallium and mesa,
at the moment gallium has an extended
../../../mesa/main/texcompress_rgtc_tmp.h in it,
do we have a better place to put this file? any suggestions on where
things like this could live?

b) mipmap generation in the state tracker was done with r8g8b8a8 unorm
types, however I need snorm handling to generate mipmaps for the snorm
however u_format only has two set of hooks unorm or float, so I added
float support to generate mipmaps. That leaves me with some blank
functions in the
u_format_rgtc.c file, should I fix u_format generation to not generate
unorm support for snorm types? also in u_format.csv nothing specifies
that rgtc types are
signed/unsigned except for the format name, any ideas on where I could
stash this without breaking other assumptions?

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