[Mesa-dev] [RFC][PATCH] gallium: Delay the creation of simple helper shaders

Jakob Bornecrantz wallbraker at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 08:23:55 PST 2011

The utility code and in some parts st/mesa creates a bunch of shaders on app
start that are never really used. This gives a very high noise to signal
ratio when trying to debug shaders in simple debug applications.

Looking at trivial/tri with rbug shows us 12 shaders, after this patch only 3*.

This patch could probably be taken a step futher and all these simple shaders
could be collected in a util_simple_shader_pool struct so they could be shared
between the different util code.

Comments and reviews please?

Cheers Jakob.

*The mesa state tracker seems to be for trivial/tri be creating a duplicate
vertex shader. While for glxgears it creates one vertex shader with 6 inputs.
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