[Mesa-dev] RFC: 0001-r600g-R700-can-do-more-than-8-tex-and-vtx-clauses.patch

Ferry Huberts mailings at hupie.com
Tue Mar 8 22:00:20 PST 2011

On 03/09/2011 01:20 AM, Christian K�nig wrote:
> Hi,
> before I create another regression with my patches, could you guys
> please test the attached patch and see if it causes another regression
> on your hardware? Especially evergreen and any of the R600 chipsets?


Disclaimer: I'm just a list reader.

I've been wondering about this for a while: is there a structure in
which information is stored that is tied to the card with which the code
is dealing, and if not, isn't it a good idea to introduce one?

This patch triggered this again for me because it seems that such a
structure would be benefical both for performance and for code readability.

The structure would get filled with information only once: when the card
is detected.

For the case of the patch this would mean that the function
'r600_bc_num_tex_and_vtx_clauses' would get replaced by retrieving a
field from the structure, since the function only returns a constant
(dependent on the type of the card).


Ferry Huberts

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