[Mesa-dev] Bug: could not compile mesa because of lacking component

Gustaw Smolarczyk wielkiegie at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 10:55:58 PDT 2011

The commit 110f5e2056f80d0b87f2a4388bc35727070ba6d5 was meant to fix
this build error, but it only add x86disassembler. The macro
InitializeAllDisassemblers() (from llvm/Target/TargetSelect.h)
initializes *all* disassemblers build with llvm (in my case: X86 and
Arm; this is precompiled package from ubuntu 11.04), but we only link
with X86 one.

The attached patch fixes it by initializing only X86 disassembler. I
understand that this is the only backend we support now, right?
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