[Mesa-dev] Surfaceless GL broken for gallium drivers in mesa 7.10.1

Matthew Bullock matthew.bullock at tadpole.com
Wed Mar 16 07:11:09 PDT 2011

Jakob Bornecrantz wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 1:54 PM, Matthew Bullock
> <matthew.bullock at tadpole.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've just updated to the mesa 7.10.1 and eglMakeCurrent with NULL surfaces
>> (the egl surfaceless extension used by wayland) now segfaults.
>> This is caused by integrating commit
>> 94ccc31ba4f64ac480137fd90f1ded44d2072f6e  st/dri: Track drawable context
>> bindings
>> without commit:
>> 0acb31be171f01aec8b38ceaddf47b7da6dae2a0 st/dri: Fix surfaceless gl using
>> contexts with previous bound surfaces
>> The second commit moves the NULL check of the surfaces to before the point
>> where the first commit dereferences them.
> Thanks for the report, are you up for testing a patch?

That patch works ok.

I had just used the patch from master, but I see your patch adds another 
bug fix that isn't in master. Not incrementing bind_count when just one 
surface is NULL. So that's probably better.

Thanks for the quick response,


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