[Mesa-dev] decoupling XCB from Mesa

Srini srini_rajini at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 18 04:17:57 PDT 2011

Hi all,
  I am trying to port mesa for a windowing platform called CDI one like XCB,X11. 
i am successful to all EGL Calls except eglSwapBuffers. so my gles application 
cause segmentation fault when delegating the final rendered scene to native 
I managed to port the entire flow of EGL calls by looking out the reference from 
gles application running on X11 window. but when coming to eglSwapBuffers it is 
the whole thing handled by the calls "xcb_dri2_copy_region_unchecked" of XCB 
library for what i am not getting source code to look out.

could any one please advice me where from the final gles rendered buffer, has to 
be taken in Mesa context in egl_dri2.c file meaning before giving to XCB?

could any one please tel me where can i get the source code of xcb-dri 
extensions. i understand from the build system of libxcb-1.5, the souce code for 
this extensions are managed by some python script (if i understand correct!).

i am seriously blocked in this could anyone please help.

Thanks in Advance.


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