[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] xserver/glx/dri2: use new GLX/DRI2 swap event types

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at virtuousgeek.org
Fri May 6 19:27:45 PDT 2011

On Fri, 6 May 2011 15:41:17 -0700
Jeremy Huddleston <jeremyhu at apple.com> wrote:

> I believe you want to s/Xmalloc/malloc/
> Yes, I can't speak for all the internals of DRI2 since most of that is foreign to me, but from a high level, this looks like the right approach.  As for your specific question about Apple stuff, it's been a while since I touched that... perhaps something we can have a sit-down about during XDC.  So from a high-level point of view:
> Reviewed-by: Jeremy Huddleston <jeremyhu at apple.com>
> but this should also be reviewed by someone who has more understanding of GLX.

Thanks Jeremy.

This turd is pretty polished at this point.  Anyone else besides me
care to test?  There's a glx-swap-event test in piglit, and Mario may
have some stuff... curious to see how well it stands up.

Jesse Barnes, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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