[Mesa-dev] [Bug 36919] Yo Frankie: Crash in dst_register

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Sun May 8 12:43:58 PDT 2011


--- Comment #6 from Brian Paul <brian.e.paul at gmail.com> 2011-05-08 12:43:58 PDT ---
The last fragment shader looks suspicious:

# Fragment Program/Shader 0
  0: MAD_SAT TEMP[1].x, INPUT[3].xxxx, STATE[0].xxxx, STATE[0].yyyy;
  1: LRP OUTPUT[2].xyz, TEMP[1].xxxx, TEMP[0], STATE[1];
  2: MOV OUTPUT[2].w, TEMP[0];
  3: END

There are two reads from the TEMP[0] register, but it's never written to. 
Though, this isn't exactly what the assertion is complaining about.

Since the Shader ID/number is zero, I think this is probably coming from the
fixed-function fragment shader generation code.

Would you be willing to grab apitrace (https://github.com/apitrace/apitrace)
and use that to get a trace of GL calls?  I could use that to debug this. 
Otherwise, I'll have to download/install Yo Frankie some other day (I'm on a
slow connection at the airport today).

If this is a regression, bisecting would be good too.

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