[Mesa-dev] OpenGL driver detection now implemented in Firefox/X11; some questions

Benoit Jacob bjacob at mozilla.com
Mon May 16 06:52:45 PDT 2011

> I don't see a bug filed related to dri2FlushFrontBuffer() but I see
> one for dri2InvalidateBuffers(). Don't know if they're related. You
> should file a bug for the issue you're having in dri2 with details on
> how to reproduce it.

I just filed https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37253
Corbin, I CC'd you on it.

> > What I really would like is to know a criterion that I can use to
> > tell when that Gallium bug is fixed. Like a Gallium version number
> > that I could read from the GL_RENDERER string, for example.
> We recently added the git commit ID to the version string (but only if
> Mesa's built in a git repo). Would that help?

As Gonsolo said, non-monotonicity is a big problem. If you're going to make a release shortly after fixing this bug anyways, I will just use the corresponding (Mesa or Gallium) x.y version number; otherwise a YYYYMMDD date or monotonic revision number could work.

> Hopefully someone can look at the bugs you've hit, get them fixed soon
> and get a new Mesa release out with a version you can test against.


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