[Mesa-dev] Status of VDPAU and XvMC state-trackers (was Re: Build error on current xvmc-r600 pipe-video)

Andy Furniss andyqos at ukfsn.org
Mon May 16 11:54:02 PDT 2011

Christian König wrote:
>> My rv670 is still suffering quite different problems both xvmc and vdpau -
>> http://www.andyqos.ukfsn.org/pend-rv670-vdpau.png
>> http://www.andyqos.ukfsn.org/mobcal-rv670-vdpau.png
> It's on my todo list, but I don't have any idea what's causing this,
> probably more a bug inside the driver than in the video code.

I noticed another strange thing with pipe-video on my rv670.

Until recently there was a bug that made the mesa demo lodbias misrender.

It's fixed now in master and pipe-video, but if I use pipe-video + vdpau 
decode (xvmc untested) then lodbias reverts to the broken state.

I don't install pipe-video, so just using libvdpau_g3dvl makes my 
installed (master) driver behave differently on that test. I have to 
reboot to get working lodbias and have failed to regress it any other way.

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