[Mesa-dev] mesa-dev Digest, Vol 14, Issue 83

Christian König deathsimple at vodafone.de
Tue May 17 15:29:15 PDT 2011

> I built mesa with g3dvl support and I'd like to do some test. Please correct me 
> if I am wrong. I found the following files:
> libr600_drv_video.so
> libr600_drv_video.so.0
> libr600_drv_video.so.0.3
> libvdpau_g3dvl.so
> libvdpau_g3dvl.so.1
> libvdpau_g3dvl.so.1.0
> libXvMCnouveau.so
> libXvMCnouveau.so.1
> libXvMCnouveau.so.1.0
> libXvMCr600.so
> libXvMCr600.so.1
> libXvMCr600.so.1.0
> Are there other video drivers that can be built?
No sorry (except softpipe) and I'm only testing with r600g, and that
only on an RV710 (some problems have been reported on other chipsets).
There are some people trying R300, but with limited success.

> libr600_drv_video.so is va library. Just rename it to r600_drv_video.so and it 
> should be loaded when a r600 hardware is used.
The only thing the va driver currently does is building, nothing else is
tested and/or working, so I won't suggest trying to use it right now.

> libXvMCnouveau.so and libXvMCr600.so : how to enable them? I tried adding 
> their full path into /etc/X11/XvMCConfig but apparently it doesn't work. Is a 
> modified X driver required?
Yes for XvMC you also need some (small) modifications to the ddx, for
r600 you can find a modified driver here

> libvdpau_g3dvl.so is the r600 libvdpau library.
> To test it (with mplayer -vo vdpau) I created a link to it into 
> /usr/lib/libvdpau_nvidia.so
> Is there a better way to use it, something that enable it only when r600 
> hardware is available?
Try this: export VDPAU_DRIVER=g3dvl

You still need a symlink inside /usr/lib/vdpau to libvdpau_g3dvl.so (or
just place the library manually there). That reminds me that I wanted to
rename the library to match more what's linked inside.


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